Big blow to Mukhtar Ansari's niece and comedian Shyam Rangeela

Big blow to Mukhtar Ansari's niece and comedian shyam Rangeela

Shyam rangeela was contesting against prime minister Narendra Modi from varanasi lok sabha seat, while afzal ansari had planned to retain the Ghazipur seat through his daughter Nusrat in case his nomination was rejected.

Lok Sabha elections 2024 in UP: Amidst the hustle and bustle of lok sabha elections, a big news has come in Uttar Pradesh on Wednesday. Actually, the nomination of Nusrat Ansari, niece of bahubali Mukhtar Ansari for Ghazipur lok sabha seat has been rejected. However, both sets of Nusrat's papers, which she had filled as a Samajwadi party (SP) candidate, have been rejected. But the form filed as an independent candidate has been passed. Nusrat, her father and Ghazipur mp afzal ansari has also filed nomination as SP candidate in two sets. On the other hand, a big news has also come out from Varanasi. comedian Shyam rangeela, who earned name through mimicry of prime minister Narendra Modi, has lost his dream of challenging him in the election field. shyam Rangeela's nomination has also been rejected on Wednesday.

Afzal Ansari had filed his nomination as SP candidate from Ghazipur seat on Monday. He had filed the nomination in two sets, but had also nominated his daughter Nusrat as an SP candidate in two sets. Actually, this was Afzal's 'B-Plan', in which if for some reason her nomination was rejected, Nusrat could have contested the elections as a SP candidate. SP had also released AB form for both Afzal and Nusrat. Now Afzal's B-plan has failed due to rejection of Nusrat's nomination.

Afzal had made Nusrat a dummy candidate because of the petition by the UP government, in which the punishment of afzal ansari has been challenged. The state government has appealed to the allahabad high court to increase the sentence given to afzal ansari in the gangster Act case. This petition is to be heard on May 20. If the high court does not grant relief to afzal ansari, his nomination will automatically be cancelled. In such a situation, now Nusrat will be able to represent the Ansari family on this traditional seat only as an independent candidate.

Rangeela's candidature rejected for not giving affidavit

Comedian Shyam rangeela had filed his nomination papers in front of PM Modi in varanasi on tuesday (May 14), the last day of nomination. Earlier, while sharing a video on his X handle, he had alleged that the election office was not accepting his nomination. He showed a file and claimed to have all the documents. However, on wednesday his nomination was rejected due to not submitting the affidavit along with the nomination. The interesting thing is that rangeela was not the only independent candidate on the varanasi seat, rather a total of 41 candidates from many unknown parties, including about a dozen independents, are contesting on this seat. Of these, about 27 have filed nominations on tuesday itself.

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