Pakistan News PoK Azadi Slogan

Pakistan news PoK Azadi Slogan

Pakistan News: Slogan of independence echoed in pakistan at midnight, people raised slogans against army and government.

Pakistan news PoK Azadi Slogan: The video of loud sloganeering against the government and army at midnight in pakistan is going viral on social media.

The trend of opposition to the government and the army is increasing in Pakistan. A video of a crowd of people raising slogans of independence in pakistan Occupied kashmir (PoK) at midnight has gone viral. Under the leadership of JAAC, a large number of people have taken out a big march in Muzaffarabad, the capital of PoK. The protesters raised slogans loudly and also raised slogans against the government and the army. Its video is going viral on social media.

No solution was found in long talks with the government

A long march has been taken out in PoK under the leadership of the government and JAAC Core Committee. In this, people's anger against the government and army of pakistan was also visible. There was a long conversation between the Chief Secretary of the area, Dawood Barach. Even after this, there is no consensus between the two parties on some issues.

The protesters had already said that if no solution is found on their demands, they will march towards Muzaffarabad. Thousands of protesters have taken part in the march. pakistan Prime minister Shahbaz Sharif said that he is extremely worried about the current situation.

Demonstration regarding flour and electricity bill

At present Pakistan's economy is in complete collapse. Protests had started in PoK regarding the increased prices of flour and electricity. To stop the ever-increasing protests and unrest in the region, the government immediately allocated an aid amount of Rs 23 billion. However, even after this there is a continuous atmosphere of unrest in the entire area. Last week, local people also attacked the army and police convoy.

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