Delhi Bomb Threat Hospitals in Delhi again received bomb threat

Delhi Bomb Threat

 Hospitals in delhi again received bomb threat, delhi Police alerted

Bomb threats have been made by calling 4 big hospitals of Delhi. According to the fire department, all calls are being verified.

Bomb calls have been made once again in many hospitals of Delhi. According to delhi fire Department, they have received calls from many different hospitals. These include bomb calls in Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital, Dada Dev Hospital, Hedgewar Hospital and Deep Chand Bandhu Hospital. According to the fire department, all calls are being verified. As soon as this information was received, the delhi Police and fire Department teams were alerted.

In the information given by delhi fire service Director Atul Garg, it was said that today morning on May 14, at 10.45 am, a call was received at Deepchand Hospital in ashok Vihar, delhi and a bomb threat was received. After this, at 10.55 am, a bomb threat was received from a mobile number at Dada Dev Hospital, Dabri. At 11:01 a bomb threat was issued from a landline number to Hedgewar Hospital Floor Bazaar. Within some time, a call was received from a different mobile number near delhi Stent cancer Institute, GTB Hospital Gate No. 8 and a bomb threat was issued.

Schools have received threats

Two days ago, on May 12, many hospitals including Burari and Sanjay gandhi in delhi had received bomb threats. However, nothing suspicious was found in the search operation. Before the hospitals of delhi, many schools in the capital have received bomb threats. When a search operation was conducted in the schools of delhi also after the bomb threat, nothing suspicious was found. After which delhi Police heaved a sigh of relief.

This was said in the threat received by hospitals

In a threatening e-mail to the hospitals, it was said that I have placed explosive devices inside your building. They will explode in the next hour. This is not a threat, you have a few hours to defuse the bomb, otherwise the blood of innocent people inside the building will be on your hands. A group called 'Court' is said to be behind this.

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