TDP or YCP: Where Does Junior Stand?

Sindujaa D N

The upcoming simultaneous assembly and lok sabha elections in andhra pradesh have sparked curiosity regarding the political allegiances of junior ntr, a prominent figure in the film industry. Both the telugu desam party (TDP) and the Yuvajana Sramika Rythu congress Party (YSRCP) are vying for his support, with each claiming him as their own. Notably, NTR's uncle is currently affiliated with the YSRCP, having joined them during the previous general elections.

Despite his family ties and the attention from political parties, junior ntr appears to be focused on his film career and has not actively engaged in andhra pradesh politics. Even significant events, such as the arrest of chandrababu naidu by the ap government, did not elicit a response from him. However, he did intervene when the ap government changed the name of a health University, correcting it through a letter.

 Despite his past declaration of unwavering support for the tdp, his current stance remains ambiguous, leading to speculation about his true affiliations. Although tdp leaders Chandrababu and Purandheswari, who is NTR's elder sister, hold key positions within the party, junior ntr has refrained from openly endorsing the TDP-YCP alliance. Recent viral photos purportedly depicting junior ntr with symbols of both parties have further fueled speculation.

 While tdp supporters circulated photos featuring their party's bicycle symbol, YSRCP supporters countered with images depicting their fan symbol on junior NTR's attire. This ambiguity has sparked debate within political circles, with some speculating that junior NTR's allegiance to the tdp remains steadfast, even if he chooses not to publicly declare it. Nonetheless, his current reluctance to openly support the tdp has raised eyebrows and left observers puzzled.

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