What KCR thinks about Revanth Reddy?

S Venkateshwari
KCR, who is the president of Bharatiya Rashtra Samiti (BRS) party recently attended an interview conducted by a popular channel. As a part of that, he informed many interesting things. Also, how the congress party came to power by cheating the people. How many promises did the thief make? He has not fulfilled his promises that he would fulfill in the first assembly meeting after coming to power.
Also farmers are being treated unfairly. How does the congress party treat the unemployed? What are the promises given to women? While discussing many issues, on the other hand, he criticized the telangana chief minister revanth reddy as well as the congress party in his own way. And recently kcr said... revanth reddy, who is currently the chief minister of telangana state, has formed a faction against me. The main reason for that is that I have taken care of him in the banknote case.
For that reason, he has developed a huge bias against me. A few days ago, revanth said that we will remove the traces of KCR. I built the office where you are sitting. yadadri temple was built by me... Kulgodara..? kcr means a history of Telangana. kcr and revanth were fired saying that it is not like anyone to remove my references.
Also talking about Kaleswaram... I didn't design the Kaleswaram project. kcr recently said that he does not know the language of engineering. He said that it has been redesigned to suit the needs of Telangana.. Permissions for lifts are given under the union administration.. It has been planned to lift the water step by step. kcr said in the latest interview that there is no dhoka for the kaleshwaram project.

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