Congress candidate took this oath by taking a dip!!!

Congress candidate took this oath by taking a dip!!!

Shipra River of ujjain is continuously becoming a victim of pollution. Water from different drains is also continuously falling in it. To draw the government's attention to this matter, congress candidate from Tarana Mahesh Parmar adopted a new method. He took a dip in the dirty water of the river and registered his protest by splashing himself with water. At the same time, they took the river water in their hands and took a pledge that their struggle would continue until the river is purified.

A video of Mahesh Parmar's protest is also going viral, in which he is seen sitting in the middle of the river and taking a dip in the water. Not only this, the congress candidate has also targeted the central and state governments of the BJP. He says, 'The claim of double engine is being made in madhya pradesh for the last 10 years. Here the MP, MLA, Mayor, Councilor, and all the elected public representatives are from bjp but Mother Kshipra's condition is like this even today.

'Such is the condition of mother Shipra in CM's home district',

Congress candidate Mahesh Parmar from Tarana says, 'Madhya Pradesh chief minister Dr. Mohan Yadav also comes from here. Even after investing crores of rupees, the condition of the river is the same. Candidate Parmar said, 'Today I have taken a dip in Maa Shipra and have taken a pledge that my fight will continue until this river is purified and drain water stops coming into it. As long as I keep breathing, my struggle will continue.

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