Ahead of second phase, Nitish appeals to people' emotions...

S Venkateshwari

Ahead of second phase, Nitish appeals to people' emotions...

In an emotional "open letter," bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar on tuesday urged the state's citizens to remember the state's "pitiable condition" prior to his election as chief minister in 2005 and how creating jobs was a constant goal of the state. "You are all aware that in order to rescue the state from a dire predicament, I gave up everything I owned. In the two-page letter addressed to "Bihar Parivar," which was also made public, Kumar writes, "Bihar regained its lost prestige and its people received the basic facilities like roads, uninterrupted electricity, drinking water, education, and health that they had been denied but had to fight for." 

The JD(U) supremo wrote the letter with just one day remaining before the second phase of the lok sabha elections, which are set for april 26, came to a finish. He claimed that serving bihar was his dharma and that the state was like his family. All five of the state's seats up for election in the second phase on friday are being challenged by JD(U). Kumar also focused on the subject of employment, something that the RJD has been attempting to claim credit for since it hired teachers during its brief time in power, which ended in january of this year.

"Under the government's flagship program, 7-Resolves (Part-2), I had announced 10 lakh jobs and 10 lakh employment opportunities. With massive hiring in the police, education, and other sectors, bihar is writing history in that domain. Many young people have received work from the government, and many more have received financial aid for self-employment. Large investors are also entering the state, which would enhance job opportunities even more, stated Kumar, the state's longest-serving chief minister.

Kumar urged people to support the nda candidates and encourage their friends, family, and neighbors to do the same, citing the fact that "the state has come a long way since the dark pre-2005 days when girls enrolment in schools was abysmal and people dared moving out after dusk." Kumar claimed that Bihar's "good governance" was the reason for this progress.

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