In this country, they are spraying 'Axe Body Spray' on sheep.

In this country, they are spraying 'Axe Body Spray' on sheep.

A report has emerged that 'Axe Body Spray' is being used to stop sheep from fighting in Britain.

I don't know if the makers of 'Axe Body Spray' should take this as a compliment. Why so? If you think so then continue reading this article.

Sheep farming in general is very difficult. Because it is common to attack goats. And to prevent them, sheep farmers will adopt several strategies. But a sheep farmer in england has come up with a different method to stop sheep fighting. Let us know what they are in this you know A report has emerged that sheep farmers are using 'Axe Body Spray', also known as Lynx, to prevent sheep from fighting? It is nowhere else but in Britain. Because the scent sprayed on the goats prevents fights between the goats. That strong scent hides hormones that trigger fights between goats. sam Bryce, a 55-year-old sheep farmer in the UK, shared a suggestion on the Ladies Who Lamb data-facebook group that spraying Ax Body Spray on sheep would stop fights between them. According to him, many people have expressed their opinion that after doing this test, the sheep stopped fighting on the farm. Therefore, not only in england, but globally they are following this method. The axe was first introduced in 1983 by Unilever in France. It was sold under the brand name 'Lynx' in markets where the Ax trademark had already been taken, including the UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.

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