Amidst ED's claims regarding food, Arvind Kejriwal filed a petition

Amidst ED's claims regarding food, arvind kejriwal filed a petition…

Aam Aadmi party convenor and delhi Chief minister arvind kejriwal has filed a petition in Rouse Avenue Court. He has filed a petition to provide insulin in jail. arvind kejriwal has approached the court for insulin after ED alleged he for eating mangoes and sweets. The ED claimed in the court that despite being a Type 2 diabetes patient, kejriwal regularly consumed food items like sugar tea, mango, banana, sweets (1 or 2 pieces), puri, potato curry, etc. There is a lot of politics going on after the ED allegations. Whereas aam aadmi party (AAP) has alleged a big conspiracy.

ED's allegations are completely false - Atishi

AAP leader and delhi minister Atishi accused the ED of lying about the Chief Minister's meal. He said that bjp is trying to spoil the health of arvind kejriwal through its affiliated organization ED. Atishi alleged, “They are trying to stop kejriwal from getting home food in jail. ED lied in court and said that kejriwal was drinking sweet tea and eating sweets. This is completely false.”

The minister said that kejriwal is taking products made from alternative sugar. Atishi said that ED told the court that kejriwal was eating bananas. He said, “Any doctor will tell you that diabetic patients are asked to keep bananas or any toffee or chocolate to themselves because a drop in blood sugar levels can be life-threatening. ED is saying that he is eating Aloo Puri. ED should fear god a little to lie so much. He (Kejriwal) had eaten puri only on the first day of Navratri.”

What other allegations did Atishi make against bjp and ED?

Atishi said that in the Hindu religion, Aloo-Puri is made as prasad on the first day of navratri and everyone eats it. The minister alleged, “BJP and ED are trying to stop kejriwal from getting home food by telling lies.” He said that once the home food he was getting stopped, then no one would know when and what he was being fed in Tihar Jail. Atishi alleged that for the last few days, the sugar level in Kejriwal's blood was more than 300 mg/dl, but the tihar jail authorities were not allowing him to take insulin. The AAP leader alleged that this was an attempt to take Kejriwal's life by stopping the home-cooked food he was getting.

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