Rajput community dominates Himachal politics?

Rajput community dominates Himachal politics?

Caste-based politics is a bitter reality in India, the world's largest democracy. Even though caste politics may not be highly dominant in himachal pradesh like other states, the influence of caste in politics cannot be denied here too. If we look at the history of the small hill state of himachal pradesh, then out of the total seven Chief Ministers here, six have belonged to the Rajput community. Till now, himachal pradesh has had a non-Rajput chief minister in the form of Shanta Kumar. Shanta Kumar belongs to the Brahmin community. To date, the people of himachal pradesh have not been able to get a chief minister belonging to scheduled caste or Scheduled Tribe.

Former Chief Ministers of himachal pradesh, Dr. Yashwant Singh Parmar, ram Lal Thakur, Virbhadra Singh, prem Kumar Dhumal, Jairam Thakur, and current chief minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu belong to the Rajput community. In himachal pradesh, which has a population of about 75 lakh, 95.17 percent are Hindus. The number of people following Sikh, Christian and Muslim religions is less here. One special thing is that Sikh MLAs have been elected to the himachal pradesh Assembly, but to date no Muslim mla has ever reached the Assembly. Narayan Singh Saini, who belonged to the Sikh community, also became a cabinet minister in the then bjp government.

17 seats of Himachal reserved for Scheduled Caste

There are a total of 68 seats in the himachal pradesh Assembly. Of these, 17 seats are reserved for Scheduled Castes and three seats for Scheduled Tribes. Other seats are for the general category. In these, a citizen belonging to any caste can contest elections. Of the four lok sabha seats in himachal pradesh, one seat is reserved for Scheduled Tribes, while the other three seats are for the general category. shimla parliamentary constituency in the state has been reserved for the scheduled caste category. The Rajput community has also been dominant among the members elected to the lok sabha from Himachal Pradesh. Among these, the prominent names from Mandi are Virbhadra Singh, Pratibha Singh, and Maheshwar Singh. Apart from this, Pandit Sukh ram and Ramswaroop Sharma are big names in the Brahmin community.

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