Diya Kumari's attack on Sachin Pilot's claim...

Sekar Chandra

Diya Kumari's attack on Sachin Pilot's claim...

rajasthan deputy chief minister diya Kumari reached the government Primary school in janani Dhyodi, jaipur to cast her vote. After the voting, deputy cm diya Kumari while talking to the media said that I have been saying again and again on the guarantee of PM Modi, every person has faith in the guarantee of PM Modi. diya Kumari further said that the public has faith in the work of PM Modi, they have faith in his words, he has served the country so much in the last 10 years that the people of the country had never seen such a prime minister before. This time also he is winning with very good votes.

diya Kumari claimed to win all 25 seats

When the media talked about rajasthan deputy chief minister Sachin Pilot, he was saying that he is winning 6 to 7 seats. On this, deputy cm diya Kumari said that let him say whatever he wants to say. But bjp is winning 25 out of 25 seats. On giving ticket to Manju Sharma from bjp, diya Kumari said that the party has given ticket to a common woman worker. His father has done a lot of work for the Bharatiya Janata Party. Manju Sharma has also been working for bjp as a common worker for years. It is a pleasure to give them tickets.

‘Will focus on implementing all the schemes of the Centre’

bjp has given 5 tickets to women in Rajasthan. women have also been given 33 percent reservation by BJP. When women take a decision, every person in the house also takes the same decision. Before this, no party had thought so much about women. Now gas pipeline will be available directly in homes. Water is available, roads are available, and electricity is available. Complete health security is being provided. The rajasthan government of bharatiya janata party will pay full attention to the safety of women, which the previous government did not give. Will focus on education. Will focus on implementing all the schemes of the Centre.

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