Who has more assets between Supriya Sule and her sister-in-law?

Who has more assets between supriya sule and her sister-in-law? 

Sharad Pawar faction's candidate supriya sule and Ajit faction's ncp candidate Sunetra Pawar have filed their nominations from the Baramati seat in Maharashtra. The information about who has how much property has come to light based on the election affidavits filed by both of them.

How much property does Sunetra Pawar own?

Ajit Pawar's wife Sunetra Pawar has submitted an affidavit regarding the property to the election Commission. Sunetra Pawar's total assets are Rs 12 crore 56 lakh 58 thousand 983. Sunetra Pawar's cash amount is Rs 3 lakh 36 thousand 450. The total amount deposited in his bank is Rs 2 crore 97 lakh 76 thousand 180. Ajit Pawar's bank deposit is Rs 2 crore 27 lakh 64 thousand 457. Sunetra Pawar has a loan of Rs 12 crore 11 lakh 12 thousand 374. ajit pawar has a loan of Rs 4 crore 74 lakh 31 thousand 239.

How much wealth does supriya sule have?

MP supriya sule is the owner of crores. This information has come out from the affidavit filed by him. According to the affidavit filed by supriya sule, much information about her assets has come to light. supriya Sule's total net worth is Rs 38 crore. supriya sule neither has a car nor a plane.

How much debt does supriya sule have?

Supriya Sule has a loan of Rs 55 lakh. supriya sule has borrowed Rs 55 lakh from Sunetra Pawar and her son Parth Pawar, hence information has come out from the affidavit that supriya sule has a total loan of Rs 55 lakh from her brother-in-law and nephew. In the affidavit, supriya sule said that she has a loan of Rs 55 lakh. Sule has taken a loan of Rs 20 lakh from Parth Pawar and Rs 35 lakh from Sunetra Pawar. Apart from this, information has come to light that supriya sule has assets worth Rs 142 crore.

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