What is the salary of MPs elected to the Lok Sabha?

S Venkateshwari

What is the salary of MPs elected to the Lok Sabha?

Currently, the heat of the election is going on in the country. Many thousands of candidates are trying their luck in this lok sabha election to win as a lok sabha MP. There are a total 543 Lok Sabha seats in our country. elections for these positions are currently being conducted in 7 phases. The first phase of polling began on Friday. It is in this context that the actual salary of those who won the lok sabha elections and got elected as MPs is getting interest. Apart from national and regional parties, independent candidates also contest the elections.

Every mp gets a salary of Rs.1 lakh per month. Besides, allowances of Rs.2 thousand per day will be received. Apart from this, according to PRS india information, Rs.70 thousand per month under constituency allowance and another Rs.60 thousand per month under office expenses are also paid to each MP. With this, every mp will get Rs.2.30 lakh per month and Rs.2 thousand per day allowance.

Any mp from any part of the country has to come to delhi to participate in the parliament sessions. Apart from this, traveling allowances are also available for traveling in connection with mp duties. Every mp will be given one free first class AC train ticket on any train. It is possible to travel from anywhere in the country.. anytime, by any train.

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