Alliance Troubles - Will the Alliance Collapse?

• tdp was better before alliance
• bjp and Jana Sena put fire in the alliance
• Chandrababu struggling to keep the bonding..
Elders said that unity is great strength. But the same unity is making the current tdp politics difficult. Chandrababu is trying to come to power by making alliances, but it is not working out. It is no exaggeration to say that everything is making jagan a hero. The coalition arrow, which has prepared many strategies, has turned a bit short of hitting jagan and is destroying the alliance again.
Alliance difficulties:
TDP, which once waged a one-sided war in andhra pradesh, is now moving forward like an earthworm. jagan is not able to put brakes on the speed and is making ycp a lone hero with unwanted strategies. It can be said that the coalition will fail to contain the opposition to the government. But Chandrababu joined hands with bjp and janasena to dethrone Jagan. In this, 21 assembly and 2 mp seats have been allotted to Jana Sena candidates. It has also allotted 10 assembly seats and 6 parliament seats to BJP. In other places only tdp candidates are contesting. Deal is falling in CBN's campaign with these kinds of calculations. It can be said that no matter how many efforts are made, jagan is on his way again. Political analysts believe that tdp alliance will be a plus for Jagan.
Is the bond sinking?
In total 175 constituencies in 25 assembly seats in andhra pradesh, tdp will contest 144, Jana Sena 21 and bjp 10 assembly seats as part of alliances. tdp is contesting in 17 lok sabha seats, Jana Sena in 2 seats and bjp in 6 seats. In this, there is no chance of anyone else except Pawan and nadendla manohar who will contest in pithapuram and Tenali. Also, in the rest of the seats, many leaders who were disturbed by expecting a ticket from tdp, do not seem likely to support the alliance leaders. This is likely to cause a lot of damage to TDP. Also, bjp janasena seats which got seats through alliance are 31. Most of these seats are likely to be won by YCP. If tdp had contested on its own, there would have been a chance to win seats here at high cost. Besides, tdp would still have strength in 144 constituencies even if it won a few seats. But it can be said that these alliances will have a tremendous effect in the allotted seats and on the other hand, they will use the politics of alliances and ycp will contest as a single and go to victory shores.
What people think:
Alliance is the main reason why many people in andhra pradesh oppose TDP. Due to these alliances, there is no possibility that the government won by them will run smoothly. people are also under the misconception that after winning, they will fight for positions and the people will forget about the public administration. Among all the minuses, only ycp is visible to everyone..Thus it can be said that the graph of ycp is increasing day by day. And even if Chandrababu mainly focuses on this and gives assurances in a way that will make people believe, tdp might sail.

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