Mollywood hero Prithviraj.. Do you know about his mother Mallika?

Mollywood hero Prithviraj.. Do you know about his mother Mallika? They have also acted in tamil films!

Prithviraj Sukumaran Mother: prithviraj Sukumaran is a famous actor who has acted in many tamil films apart from malayalam films. Like his father, his mother is a famous malayalam actress.


Mallika sukumar was born in kochi in 1954 and completed her schooling and graduation in Kerala. After that he started acting in movies and has been traveling in the art world since his twenties. In 1974, the same year she entered the film industry, she married Jagathy Sreekumar, who was a famous actor in the malayalam film world.

jagathy sreekumar

It was a marriage that he had done himself despite his family's objections. But mallika was legally divorced from jagathy sreekumar in 1976 due to differences between them after marriage. After that, in 1978, she got married to Sukumaran, a famous actor who flew the flag in the malayalam film world.

Actor Sukumaran

The two children born to this couple are indrajith and prithviraj Sukumaran. indrajith Sukumaran has also acted in many movies in malayalam and tamil language. After Sukumaran's death in 1997, actress mallika Sukumaran, who lives with her two sons, has been acting in many films.

Valthukkal Movie

In 2008, mallika Sukumaran played an important role in Madhavan's tamil movie "Vayuthukul" written and directed by director Seeman. It can be said that it was his first and last tamil film. In 2022, she acted as his mother in the movie "Gold" starring her son Prithiviraj Sukumaran directed by famous director Alphonse Buddharan.

Gold movie

He is also acting in the films of his elder son indrajith Sukumaran. mallika Sukumaran, now 69 years old, finally appeared in the 2023 film queen Elizabeth. mallika Sukumaran, the mother of famous actor prithviraj Sukumaran, is a great actress who has acted in more than 25 plays since 2001 not only in the film industry.

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