AAP launches "AAP ka Ram Rajya" website...

S Venkateshwari
AAP launches "AAP ka ram Rajya" website...

On the occasion of ram Navami on Wednesday, the aam aadmi party (AAP) unveiled a website called "Aap ka ram Rajya" in front of the impending lok sabha elections, the first round of which is scheduled to start on april 19. The website was inaugurated by prominent AAP leaders, including Saurabh Bharadwaj, Atishi, sanjay singh, and jasmine Shah, at a news conference in the nation's capital. The website was launched with the intention of "highlighting the initiatives undertaken by the party, drawing inspiration from the principles of ram Rajya," with a focus on punjab and Delhi.

As per the news agency ANI, mp sanjay singh has stated that the Aam Aadmi Party's administrations in delhi and punjab have made noteworthy efforts, and their achievements are currently attracting global recognition. "In these ten years, we have not only established three governments in delhi, but we have also established an overwhelming majority government in Punjab. The governments of kejriwal in delhi and bhagwant mann in punjab have carried out this kind of work, and the modern world provides examples. The only state with a profitable budget in spite of its heavy workload is Delhi. We're committed to implementing our vision of ram Rajya," he declared.

For a glimpse of our performance of ram Rajya, click visit our website. What progress have we made in punjab and Delhi? sanjay singh continued, "You may witness all that and then come join us. "Lord ram is struggling, just like arvind kejriwal," says Atishi minister for delhi and AAP leader Atishi remarked at the website's debut that arvind kejriwal had a difficult time keeping the promises he had made to the people of delhi and punjab, just as Lord ram had to overcome many obstacles to establish ram Rajya.

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