If there is a war between Iran and Israel, who will win?

If there is a war between iran and israel, who will win? 

Ever since iran attacked israel, there has been a situation of tension in the Middle Eastern countries. The whole world is thinking that if another war starts between israel and iran, then it will affect the economy of the world. israel has not avoided the possibility of war by talking of revenge. In such a situation, if there is a war between israel and iran, who will win? Let us know who has how many armies and how many powerful weapons, and also know what the defense budget of both countries is.

Defense budget

If we talk about the defense budget of both the countries, iran seems to be far behind. According to the report of The Sun, Israel's defense budget is 24.2 billion dollars while Iran's defense budget is only 9.9 billion dollars.


Talking about air power, israel once again appears stronger in both countries. israel has 612 aircraft while iran has 551 aircraft.


Iran is strong in terms of tanks. It has 4071 tanks, twice as many as Israel. Whereas israel has only 2200 tanks.

Who has more strength in the sea?

If we look at the maritime military strength of both countries, iran is ahead. israel has 67 warships. iran has 101 warships.

Who is ahead in terms of soldiers?

Even in terms of troops, iran is superior to Israel. It has 5.75 lakh active army while israel has a 1.73 lakh army. Whereas israel has 4.65 lakh reserve soldiers, iran has the same number of 3.50 lakh.

Atom bomb

According to reports, israel has 80 nuclear bombs. There is no information about whether iran has it or not. It is clear from this that israel seems more powerful here.

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