Director Bala wraps up the shooting of 'Vanangaan' in one way! Published photo

Sekar Chandra
Director bala wraps up the shooting of 'Vanangaan' in one way! Published photo!

Producer suresh Kamatshi has said on his social media page that the shooting of 'Vanangan', directed by bala and starring Arun Vijay, has been completed today.'Vanangan' is produced by suresh Kamatshi's v House Productions, which has produced films like 'Aamithipadu 2', 'Kangaroo', 'Mikamika Avarasam' and 'Manadu', directed by Bala.

Arun Vijay plays the lead role and Roshini Prakash plays the heroine. Samuthirakani, Myshkin and Shanmugarajan are playing the lead roles. gv prakash is composing the music for this film.  Director bala has been directing films by mixing both in equal proportions so that this film cannot be separated as an artistic work or a commercial work.

 Fans have high expectations for the movie 'Vanangan' because it is the first time that Arun Vijay-Bala is teaming up. To fuel this expectation, the first look poster of the film 'Vanangan' has already been released and has been well received.

In this case, the producer of the film suresh Kamatshi has confirmed that the shooting of the film has been completed today. RB Gurudev is the cinematographer for the film, Satish surya is the cinematographer and RB Nagu is the art director. The release date of the film is expected to be announced soon.

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