Kangana Ranaut's counterattack on Vikramaditya Singh.

Sekar Chandra
Kangana Ranaut's counterattack on vikramaditya Singh...

BJP's Mandi lok sabha candidate kangana ranaut addressed a public meeting today. During this, he targeted congress and responded to the allegations of eating beef. He said that congress has no proof of these allegations. When I ask them if there is any proof, they say leave it, what do we have to do with your eating and drinking. kangana said that while retorting to Vikramaditya's statement, he asked what raja babu and Chhota Pappu said to him, and he just puffed up.

Kangana Ranaut said, "These people will conduct great diplomacy. These people will confuse you a lot. You should not buy into their words, whatever they tell you. They said that I ate beef. Then I said, tell me." When you ask, you have proof, then they say leave it, what do we have to do with your eating and drinking? Then they say that this woman is impure, she is impure, she has no character. Then I told them my character yesterday. Then these people say leave aside the trivial matters, talk about the work, talk about the issue."

Yesterday, kangana had said, "Today I challenge all the Pappas. It is not your parents' right to send me away by threatening you. This is PM Modi's new India. Such a king, son, I will be seen everywhere. I have met many raja sons in the film industry too, against whom I raised my voice in Mumbai. These raja sons did not kill me, it was I who made them disappear from my film."

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