500, 1000 were taken from his hand claiming to give Rs.15 lakh; the Kanimozhi campaign in support of Jyotimani

500, 1000 were taken from his hand claiming to give Rs.15 lakh; the kanimozhi campaign in

support of Jyotimani


In each bank account Rs. mp kanimozhi campaigned against the central government and

supported Jyotimani in Karur, claiming that he had taken.

DMK Deputy General Secretary kanimozhi campaigned in an open van in support of All India

Congress candidate Jyoti Mani near Vengamedu Anna Statue in Karur City collected votes

from the public for a hand symbol. In this campaign meeting DMK leaders karunanidhi and

M.K.-Stalin disguised persons participated and collected votes for the hand symbol.

Jyotimani, the candidate supported by kanimozhi, sonia gandhi, Stalin, and Senthil balaji spoke

at that time. He spoke in parliament several times for the Karur constituency, fought, and got

suspended. Suspended if questioned in Parliament. If you protest outside and ask questions,

you are in jail. Although his health is not good, Senthil balaji has been kept in jail for so long.

Bail is denied. He will come out after the election. Although Senthil balaji was in jail, he went to

Annamalai Kovi instead of contesting in Karur. He went with a tin box and two fans.

Annamalai and his party are telling lies. He says he has read 20,000 books. It is only possible if

a man starts at the age of five and reads two books a day. He talks about reading books. This is

what you deserve brother. annamalai is nowhere close to talking about our merit.

They snatched away the 1000 and 500 from you saying that they would put 15 lakhs. No

promises have been fulfilled. The cylinder used to be 410 now sells for Rs 1100. They said it

was a subsidy and then doubled the price. From small traders to small industries, fines are

levied for the GST tax confusion. bjp rule is a rule for rich people like adani and Ambani. The

Modi regime's achievement was to bring an international airport in 10 days for Ambani's home


No cancellation of education loan. There is also no basic resource price for farmers. However,

the bjp government has canceled loans worth Rs 68,607 crore to corporates. He said that you

will vote for Jyotimani who has brought smart glass and more than 15 bridges in the

constituency for the people of Karur constituency.

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