AAP protests against Arvind Kejriwal's arrest, BJP says 'thief...'


In a major development in the politics of the capital delhi last night, chief minister arvind kejriwal was arrested by the ED. After which all the parties of india alliance including aam aadmi party have become attackers on bjp and the central government and are strongly opposing this arrest. AAP says that this campaign will continue until chief minister kejriwal is released.

BJP's attack

At the same time, delhi bjp is retaliating against this protest and uproar by AAP leaders by saying that "thieves create noise". delhi bjp state president Virendra Sachdeva said on Kejriwal's arrest, "You have committed theft, hence you will have to answer, arvind kejriwal, if you had not committed the scam then why would the investigating agency have come." He said that there is an old saying that thieves make noise, so all these thieves are gathering together and making noise but this will not change the truth.

Congress targets BJP

Congress has also condemned this arrest. In this entire matter, rahul gandhi took the side of AAP and kejriwal and said, "A scared dictator wants to create a dead democracy." He said that capturing all the institutions including the media, breaking the parties, extorting money from companies, freezing the account of the main opposition party was less for the 'demon power', now arresting the elected Chief Ministers has also become a common thing."

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