Digvijay Singh’s statement on Arvind Kejriwal's arrest


Political rhetoric continues on the arrest of delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal. Senior congress leader Digvijay Singh said yesterday (Friday) that there is an "unconstitutional emergency" in the country. The Enforcement Directorate on thursday night arrested chief minister arvind kejriwal in a money laundering case related to excise policy. Digvijay Singh said that the voice of opposition and democracy is being suppressed. rajya sabha member Singh told reporters in Bhopal, “I strongly condemn the arrest of Kejriwal. His mistake was that kejriwal had become a partner of the opposition india Alliance. Apart from this, aam aadmi party and congress are contesting elections together in Delhi.

congress targets Arvind Kejriwal's arrest

Opposition parties have criticized the arrest of Arvind Kejriwal. The congress leader said, “His mistake was that even after receiving the notice, he did not appear for ED questioning. That's why kejriwal was arrested. Digvijay Singh said that this is the first case in the history of india that two Chief Ministers have been sent to jail while they were in office. The congress leader claimed, “Pressure was put on the then jharkhand chief minister hemant Soren to join BJP. hemant Soren was given a promise to close the case.

There is “unconstitutional emergency” in the country – Digvijay Singh

As happened in other cases but Soren preferred to go to jail. Digvijay Singh said that some people compare the 70s and the present time. He said the emergency was imposed under an Act, but this emergency is "unconstitutional" through which the Enforcement Directorate, Income Tax Department and cbi are being asked to repress people and extort money.

The former chief minister of madhya pradesh claimed that democracy and the voice of the opposition were being suppressed. He also attacked the central government for allegedly 'freezing' the bank accounts of Congress. He said that efforts are on to disrupt the electoral process and remove congress from the way. He said that in the mother of democracy or the world's largest democracy, congress, which collects money from the people, is unable to spend the money.

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