Sachin Pilot on the arrest of CM Kejriwal...?


Former deputy cm of rajasthan sachin pilot said on the arrest of delhi cm arvind kejriwal in the excise policy case that the opposition is being suppressed. The central government is working against the opposition with a spirit of vengeance. We believe that there should be an investigation but there should be an investigation against everyone.

sachin pilot said during the press conference in raipur that "I have not seen such pre-poll action against any elected CM." The election commission should intervene in this matter. arvind kejriwal has been arrested by the Enforcement Directorate on thursday night in the alleged liquor scam case. Since then, opposition parties are attacking BJP. Now the delegation of opposition parties has decided to meet the election Commission.

Efforts are being made to weaken Congress

On the other hand, sachin pilot attacked bjp on various issues including electoral bonds. Pilot said that continuous efforts are being made to weaken the congress economically. A criminal conspiracy is being hatched against congress by seizing its accounts. By doing this, the country's largest opposition party is being rendered helpless and creating obstacles in conducting free elections.

The truth on electoral bonds will be revealed soon – Pilot

On electoral bonds, sachin pilot said, "Electoral bonds have been declared unconstitutional by the supreme court and all the facts that have come to light are worrying and shameful." This has directly harmed the image of the country. bjp got 56℅ of the money with the help of electoral bonds, whereas congress got only 11℅ of the bonds. The public is watching everything and the court is also investigating in this matter. The truth will come out soon.

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