What did Minister Atishi, in response to Abhay Verma's questions?

According to sources bjp mla in delhi assembly Abhay Verma said, I have been an mla for five years, but why did the problem of water and sewer suddenly arise in the fourth year, why is this being discussed in the House? The main reason for this is that the corporation did not get the drains cleaned. Silt was not removed. He went into the sewer line and the sewer line settled. people in my assembly have complained to me like this. The bjp mla further said that DJB officials say that the Jal Board does not have funds. Why did the chairperson of the Jal Board not do the work? delhi needs 1500 MGD water, but what did the government do? Today the situation in our area is such that water is not available for 15 minutes. The government has not increased the water and is blaming the officials.

Meanwhile in response to this, Speaker ram Niwas Goyal said that if there is any problem in your assembly then tell us. The Chief Secretary and CEO of the Water Board are sitting here. You don't defend the officers.

Minister Atishi, in response to Abhay Verma's questions, said that it is true that more water is needed in Delhi. Water is not coming as fast as the population is increasing. delhi has no source of water. We have had a meeting on this and the Chief Secretary himself has taken responsibility. Efforts are being made to increase ground water. There is a possibility that we can increase ground water in Delhi. Suitable arrangements will be made for this. Summer is coming in delhi, so we are also looking at where borewells can be installed in the short term. As far as funds are concerned. This is a joint work of three departments. I request the Chief Secretary to provide funds by coordinating all the three departments. There is no shortage of funds. There is lack of coordination.

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