Bihar has a cabinet of 35 ministers, Cabinet expansion has been delayed


According to sources cabinet expansion may take place in bihar on thursday (14 March). bihar cm nitish kumar held a meeting with bjp leaders and both the Deputy CMs this evening. cabinet expansion was discussed in the meeting. Both Deputy CMs Samrat Chaudhary and Vijay Sinha had brought a list of possible names from BJP. The meeting lasted for about half an hour. According to the information received, the list of possible names to be included in the cabinet has been sent to raj Bhavan. At the same time, along with BJP's Deputy cm, Lalan Singh, Sanjay Jha, Bijendra Yadav and Vijay Chaudhary from JDU were present in the meeting regarding cabinet expansion.

Let us tell you that apart from cm Nitish, there is a cabinet of total 35 ministers in Bihar. Currently, apart from cm Nitish, there are a total of 8 ministers. This time, the number of ministers from bjp quota may be more than that of JDU because the number of bjp MLAs is more than that of JDU. JDU has 45 MLAs, bjp has 78 MLAs. There are lok sabha elections, hence an attempt will be made to solve the caste equation in the cabinet expansion. cm Nitish can repeat most of the old data-faces. While bjp can give a chance to about 40% new data-faces, the remaining old data-faces may be repeated.

At the same time, nda government was formed in bihar on 28 january itself. On february 12, Nitish government also achieved majority. Today is 13th March. It has been almost a month since the government was formed, but the cabinet expansion has not taken place yet. Nitish has been cm since 2005. There had never been such a delay in cabinet expansion before, whether it was the nda government led by Nitish or the Grand Alliance.

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