Karnataka government declared present situation in Karnataka as worst drought past 4 decades

Reportedly special prayers during the holy month of Ramadan and special poojas in temples are being planned across karnataka for ‘good rains’ amid the severe water crisis in the state. karnataka Wakf Board Chairman Anwar Basha has requested people to hold special prayers before iftar (Muslim people gathering to break their fast together during Ramadan) as the state data-faces one of the worst droughts in five years. “Let’s pray each day while breaking our fast for good rains and tide over this severe water crisis,” Basha, said in his directive to people when offering prayers.

Over 300 masjids have been asked to hold special prayers for rains, and people should also include it in their prayers while breaking their fast, the WAKF official said. “Our dams have to fill up, lakes which have dried have to be replenished, people, animals, and other forms of life need water, and we need divine intervention at this time to help tide over this crisis,” Basha told “In the last 30-40 years, we had not seen such drought, and even if we had droughts, we have never declared these many talukas as drought-affected,” said deputy cm DK Shivakumar recently.

Karnataka’s Endowment minister Ramalinga reddy told News18 that special poojas would also be conducted across all temples in the state to seek the blessings of all gods for “good rains”.

“It has been done earlier as well, and even now we will ask for special poojas. It is for the benefit of the state and the people. While our government is doing everything that needs to be done, we also need blessings to tide over this severe water crisis,” reddy said.

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