When will the problem in NDA seats be resolved?


These days, there is a lot of discussion about seat sharing in nda in the politics of Bihar. It is being said that upendra Kushwaha and chirag paswan are angry over the issue of seat sharing. At the same time, RLM chief upendra Kushwaha expressed his views on this issue on Sunday. He said that nda will soon finalize the seat sharing arrangement in bihar for the upcoming lok sabha election 2024. There is no problem anywhere. We are preparing for 40 seats. On the delay in seat distribution, he said that there is still time. Everything will be decided soon. On the question of not sharing the stage with narendra modi and amit shah, he said that all the programs were government programs and whenever there is an nda rally, we all will be seen together in it.

Government's responsibility to end mafia rule- upendra Kushwaha

On home minister amit Shah's warning to the mafia in bihar, upendra Kushwaha said that the weak people, the poor people, are being harassed and exploited. On the basis of this, wherever such situation exists, it is the responsibility of the governments to end it. Becomes a liability. Certainly our home minister has said such a thing in the context of bihar which is absolutely right.

'Lalu Yadav cannot even think outside the family'

At the same time, on RJD's allegation of being a familyist, the RLM chief said that there is no second opinion in this? Everyone knows this. Lalu Yadav was just raising his hands and asking for blessings for his family in the rally organized at gandhi Maidan. Everyone knows that Lalu Yadav cannot even think outside the family. Same is the condition of congress also.

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