Why Navjot Singh Sidhu fiercely attacked Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann?


As per report the process of changing sides of congress leaders continues before the lok sabha elections. Meanwhile, there was speculation about Navjot Singh Sidhu that he might join BJP. However, now former congress PCC President Sidhu himself has put an end to the speculations. He said that he will remain in congress only. While talking to ABP news, Navjot Singh Sidhu said that he will remain where he is. Some people spread rumors for TRP. A few days before this, Navjot Singh Sidhu had rejected the news of joining BJP. He had said that the smoke of our rumors rises from where the fire starts in our name.

By taking aim at cm Mann, he said, "Some people are very audacious. The man who sings the stories of his kejriwal sahib all over the country, didn't he get less votes than NOTA?" The congress leader called cm Bhagwant Mann an impostor. He said, "Such a cm has not yet been born on the soil of punjab who says that he will give MSP on 23 crops. Every village stands up and says that we will give a bonus of Rs 25,000 for one acre. Because of his vote bank politics. For this they have crossed the limits of vote bank."

Moreover Navjot Singh Sidhu said that the first need is to kill the big enemy. After that, when the Chief Minister's election is held, fight separately and fulfill your wishes. On the question that people get confused by targeting Bhagwant Mann, he said, "They attack kejriwal Saheb also. This is a different matter." Let us tell you that in Delhi, aam aadmi party and congress are contesting the lok sabha elections in alliance. Whereas in punjab, both the parties have unanimously decided to contest the elections separately.

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