History of Jabalpur parliamentary seat


In the first lok sabha elections held after independence, there were two seats in Jabalpur. In the general elections held in 1951, Sushil Kumar Pateria of congress won from jabalpur North seat, while Mangru Guru Uye became the first mp from Mandla-Jabalpur South seat. After this, in 1957, jabalpur and Mandla became two separate parliamentary constituencies. Seth Govind Das of congress won the elections for the second lok sabha this year. After this his winning streak continued. Seth Govind Das also won the elections of 1962, 1967 and 1971.

Ticket to Sharad Yadav on the initiative of former PM

In the year 1974, jabalpur lok sabha seat saw a change which no one had even imagined. Sharad Yadav came out of student politics into the mainstream politics of the country this year. Sharad Yadav was associated with Jaiprakash Narayan's student movement. During that period a wave had also formed against Congress. In the by-election held after the death of Seth Govind Das on jabalpur lok sabha seat, Sharad Yadav, who contested as a joint candidate of the opposition on Bharatiya Lok Dal ticket, surprised everyone by defeating ravi Mohan of Congress.

The initiative to give ticket to Sharad Yadav was taken by the then Jan Sangh leader Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Sharad Yadav had got the Haldhar Kisan election symbol. During the campaign, a slogan in favor of Sharad Yadav changed the entire atmosphere. 'Not on Lallu, but on Jagdhar, but Haldhar will be stamped', this slogan gained such strength that the foundation of congress was shaken in its own stronghold. After this, in 1977, Sharad Yadav once again won the jabalpur parliamentary seat by defeating Jagdish Narayan Awasthi of Congress.

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