Vande Bharat will stop at Jehanabad station, Facilities being expanded at a cost of Rs 50 crore


As per report Vande Bharat Express will now stop at Jehanabad station also. The stoppage of this train will greatly benefit the people commuting to patna and Ranchi. The much awaited demand of the people was fulfilled today. On friday (01 March), Vande Bharat Express running between patna and ranchi was stopped at Jehanabad railway station. On this occasion, mp Chandeshwar prasad Chandravanshi and local mla Suday Yadav jointly flagged off the Vande Bharat Express.

Earlier, this Vande Bharat Express running between patna and ranchi did not have a stop at Jehanabad. Now the green signal has been received on Friday. A ceremony was organized at the railway station regarding the stoppage. mp Chandeshwar prasad Chandravanshi was present on this occasion. local mla Suday Yadav was also there. mp Chandeshwar prasad Chandravanshi said that ever since the Vande Bharat Express started from patna to ranchi, I was always trying to ensure that it stops at Jehanabad also.

Moreover Chandeshwar prasad Chandravanshi said that he had also met the Railway minister several times for the stoppage of Vande Bharat Express. Today came an auspicious day after the assurance of the Railway minister that the stoppage of Vande Bharat Express from patna to ranchi has started. This will benefit the people of Jehanabad and surrounding areas up to 50 kilometers. Stopping of Vande Bharat will also provide convenience to people working in other sectors. He said that work is also going on to increase passenger facilities at Jehanabad railway station. Along with the stoppage of Vande Bharat, passenger facilities are being increased at Jehanabad railway station at a cost of about Rs 50 crore. In this, Rs 24 crore is being spent in the construction of Amrit Bharat Station. Many construction works including new platforms, lifts, over bridges and attractive buildings are underway at Jehanabad Railway Station.

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