BJP replied to RJD, Assembly Speaker congratulated


Reportedly the last day (01 March) of the budget session of bihar assembly was quite uproarious. Along with this, the birthday of chief minister nitish kumar was also much discussed yesterday. On this, RJD mla Bhai Veerendra said, Sir, on my own behalf and on behalf of the house, I would like to wish the Honorable chief minister a happy birthday that he may live a long life and remain healthy, but I will definitely give one advice. Sir, do not stay in the company of wrong people. On this immediately the reply came from the ruling party camp, yes, we have left it.

Meanwhile the reply came from behind on the advice of brother Virendra. bjp made it clear that the RJD mla was pointing at bjp and saying that going with bjp is wrong company for you, the meaning of the reply that came from the ruling party is clear. nitish kumar was in wrong company with RJD. Now he has left the wrong company. Overall, a lot of politics was also seen in the house today in the form of congratulations on the birthday of Nitish Kumar.

Let us tell you that outside the house, there was an uproar by the opposition, including Rabri Devi, demanding the withdrawal of the Crime Control Act, while inside the house, everyone from the Speaker of the assembly to the ruling party and the opposition congratulated chief minister nitish kumar on his birthday. assembly Speaker Nand kishore Yadav was the first to start congratulating the chief minister on his birthday in the house and said that today is the birthday of the Honorable Chief Minister. On my own behalf and on behalf of all the members of the house, I heartily congratulate him and wish him that he may be healthy and live long.

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