Aam Aadmi Party is busy preparing for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections


AAP, arvind kejriwal himself gave these indications in preparation to contest lok sabha elections in Goa

Aam Aadmi Party: aam aadmi party is busy preparing for the upcoming lok sabha elections. AAP is planning a strategy to contest the goa elections in collaboration with the opposition 'India Alliance' parties.

Lok Sabha elections 2024

Aam Aadmi party (AAP) on friday (January 19) indicated that it is keen to contest the upcoming lok sabha elections from Goa. Party's national convenor and delhi Chief minister arvind kejriwal said that his party is in talks with the constituents of the opposition alliance 'India' for a seat in the coastal state. There are two lok sabha seats in goa, North goa and South Goa. However, kejriwal did not say which of the two seats his party wants to contest.

'Once it is decided...'

"The aam aadmi party is discussing the goa seat as part of the 'Indian National Democratic Inclusive Alliance' (India) alliance," kejriwal said while addressing a public meeting in Benolim assembly constituency in South Goa. We will get back to you once something is finalized. Whatever may be the conversation, definitely vote for the candidate of the 'India' alliance in the lok sabha elections. On this occasion, punjab Chief minister Bhagwant Mann, rajya sabha member sandeep Pathak, AAP goa unit chief amit Palekar, and mla Venji Vegas were also present.

Kejriwal further said that aam aadmi party is doing 'politics of work'. He said, “No one did politics of work in the past because their only intention was to earn money for themselves. He said that the delhi government is successfully running 550 'Mohalla Clinics'.

'Good facilities are available in Mohalla Clinic'

The delhi Chief minister said, “These clinics are neighborhood health facilities for people to get treatment for their basic ailments like cold, fever, etc. These are air-conditioned clinics and you get good facilities there. Kejriwal also expressed surprise over Benolim mla Vegas starting three mohalla clinics in his constituency despite the aam aadmi party being in opposition.

'Opened clinics in goa while in opposition'

The aam aadmi party leader said, “We can understand that we can do this in delhi and punjab because we are in power there. But despite being in opposition in goa, Venji opened these clinics. When I asked him, he told me that these clinics work on a donation basis. He said that the state government must provide basic health facilities. Aiming for the goa government, kejriwal said, "They (government) did not do this because they do not intend to do so." One can imagine what kind of development will happen in goa if the aam aadmi party comes to power with a full majority.

'No government can pretend to have financial resources'

He said, “No government can make the excuse that it does not have adequate financial resources. If a government says this, it means that they are manipulating money. kejriwal and Mann reached goa on thursday as part of their 3-day visit to the state.

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