The biggest opportunity in the next 25 years: PM Modi!

Prime minister Modi has said that the next 25 years will bring great opportunities to our youth. The prime minister announced on december 26 that the sons of Sri Guru Govind Singh's sons baba Joravar Singh and baba Fate Singh will be observed on december 26. Accordingly, the day of the country is being observed today. prime minister Narendra Modi addressed the event at the Bharat Hall in delhi today. prime minister Modi visited three children's martial arts. At the event, the prime minister flagged off a youth march in Delhi.

Addressing the gathering, prime minister Modi said that the country is recalling the immortal sacrifices of the heroes of the heroes, and that the new chapter on the day of the Liberation festival is expanding to india during the amrita festival. The prime minister recalled the first celebrations of the first heroes celebrated on the same day last year. The heroic stories of the heroes then inspired the entire country. prime minister Modi pointed out that "Heroic Sons Day is a symbol of the mindset of the country that never falls for the protection of the country."

"This day reminds us that the age is not a bar," he said. The prime minister said that the celebration of the tradition of the Sikh priests, Guru Govind Singh and his four heroes are bravery and ambitions for every indian today. Recalling the sacrifices of the family of baba Moti ram Mehra and the devotion of Diwan Thodarmal, the prime minister said, "The Heroic Sons Day is the honor of a country for mothers who have gained irreparable hearts." The prime minister said that this true devotion to the priests strengthen the devotion to the country.

The prime minister expressed pleased to be celebrating the day of the Heroic Sons Day, as the United States, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, the United Arab Emirates and greece were organized for Heroic Sons Day. The prime minister, who remembered the unprecedented history of the Sirind wars, said that this history cannot be forgotten. He recalled how the indians data-faced the dictatorship with dignity.

The prime minister pointed out that the countries of the world see india as the leading country in giving opportunities. prime minister Modi said india plays an important role in the global issues of the economy, science, research, sports and kingdom. That is why the prime minister reiterated his call from the red Fort, "This is the moment, this is the right moment." "This is the moment of india and the next 25 years will showcase India's capabilities," he added. He also emphadata-sized the need to follow five pledges without wasting a moment.

The prime minister said that india was passing over a period. During this period of the liberation festival, many factors that determine the golden age of india have come together. Modi said. Referring to the youth of india, he said that the number of youths in the country today is higher than the time of freedom. He also hoped that the current generation of young people could bring the country to the height of the country. “The upcoming 25 years will bring great opportunities to our youth,” he said.

"The upcoming 25 years will bring great opportunities to our youth." indian youth have infinite dreams, no matter which region or community. He said the state had a clear vision to fulfill these dreams. He described this by referring to the National education Policy, 10 thousand Atal Laboratory and Vibrant Culture. He added that 8 crore new entrepreneurs from the youth, SC/ST and backward communities have been formed through the Mudra Loan Scheme.

The prime minister advised young people to prioritize their health to achieve the desired results in life. He advised him to create some basic rules for themselves, referring to the challenges such as physical training, wallet PLATFORM' target='_blank' title='digital-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW">digital tidox, mental health, adequate sleep, adequate sleep, and adding small grains.

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