Lieutenant Governor Vinay Saxena ordered CBI inquiry in supply of fake medicines

Reportedly after irregularities in the purchase and supply of fake medicines for delhi government hospitals came to light,

Lieutenant governor Vinay Saxena on saturday ordered a cbi inquiry. Since then bjp and congress have

attacked the AAP government. bjp has demanded the resignation of health minister Saurabh Bhardwaj. Saurabh

Bhardwaj, a minister in cm arvind kejriwal government, has attacked bjp and the central government on this


43 samples were sent for testing in July-August

He said that in the month of July-August 2023, about 43 samples of some medicines and other consumables used

in the hospital like bandage, cotton etc. were sent for testing. He said that this news was seen on some news

channels today. That the investigation report has come and in their investigation, 5 samples out of 43 have been

found not to be as per the prescribed standards. health minister Saurabh Bhardwaj said that when these samples

were sent for testing, I came to know about it during a discussion in a meeting about one to one and a half

months later.

Center accused of adopting double standards

On saturday, after seeing the news on news channels about cbi investigation in the matter of testing of samples,

I thought that maybe investigation will be done in the case of medicines and other consumables. But it is very

surprising that lg Saheb has ordered a cbi investigation only in the matter of medicines. This double attitude in

investigating corruption raises questions about his good intentions.

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