Lalit Jha accused of Parliament security, father said - will get justice

Lalit Jha, the mastermind of breaching the security of the country’s parliament, was produced in a delhi court on

Friday and sent to police custody for seven days. During this time, the statement of Lalit Jha’s parents has also

come to light. From their side, their son is being declared innocent. He said that his son has been framed. He will

get justice for his son. Lalit Jha’s friends have said some shocking things. He says that Lalit is a slightly immature

revolutionary type of youth, it is possible that he may have been misled by some wrong people, due to which he

may have committed such acts.

Family members do not believe in Lalit’s actions

Lalit Jha’s family members say that they were surprised when they saw Lalit on tv channels. They don’t know

how he got involved in all this. Lalit Jha’s parents said that they will approach the court to get justice for their son.

She told that on december 10, Lalit made her sit in a train coming to Darbhanga and returned. There has been no

discussion with anyone about this activity in parliament till date. Lalit Jha's father said that you can also ask the

people around, my son is not like that. Let us tell you that according to the revelations made by the police, Lalit

Jha is the mastermind of the parliament burglary case. The matter is being continuously investigated.

Lalit Jha has also studied from Kolkata

Let us tell you that Lalit Jha is a resident of Rampur uday village of Alinagar police station of Darbhanga, Bihar.

Lalit Jha has studied till 7th class from the same village school. After this, Lalit was admitted to Maheshwari

School, kolkata in 2008. After completing his BA from kolkata 5 years ago, he used to teach in coaching

institutes and also used to give home tuitions. In which he used to teach children up to class ten.

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