TMC may still be hopeful of a good show in the 2024 polls!?

Accordingly the assembly poll results, which handed a 3-1 win to the bjp and congress respectively, have cast a shadow on the future of the Grand Old party in the opposition bloc. Partners of india have begun training guns on the congress, with the trinamool congress a prominent player slamming the party for its “failure”. As the trends became clear on Sunday, TMC general secretary Kunal Ghosh said: “What happened in the three states is not BJP’s success, it is Congress’s failure. bjp has copied schemes from West Bengal. These results would have no impact on the lok sabha elections because what happened in these states is Congress’s fault. But when a united india comes in 2024, the bjp will not stand in front of it… What happened in other states would not be repeated in Bengal…”

Ghosh also said it is time for the Grand Old party to introspect and come out of its “zamindari attitude”. The relationship between congress and TMC has always been blow hot, blow cold. Things soured after the 2021 bengal result and especially after Sushmita Dev, Mukul Sangma, and Luizinho Faleiro joined TMC. TMC insiders say the party always knew that congress does not have the capacity to fight bjp and that’s why people were joining the former.

When the india bloc was formed, TMC was seen standing in Congress’s support. TMC general secretary abhishek banerjee went to delhi and met rahul Gandhi. However, sources say now that the Grand Old Party’s performance is under the scanner, its role as big brother in the alliance will also be reworked. The congress had called an alliance meet on december 6 but mamata banerjee is unlikely to join as she has a prescheduled meeting in North Bengal. It is expected that the congress debacle will be discussed in the meeting along with the party’s future role in the alliance. Sources told that congress was advised to declare seat division in other states apart from bengal and punjab before the elections but the party ignored the advice.

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