I will carry DMK's future leader on my shoulders..!?

DMK's general secretary Duraimurugan said that if DMK's current leader creates the future leadership, he will carry the future leader on his shoulders. On the occasion of the artist's centenary, DMK General Secretary Durai Murugan hoisted the party flag on the 100 feet flag pole erected on the Karur Bypass road near the Tiruchi Chatram bus station and then addressed a meeting attended by various teams at the Artist Institute. Speaking then, he said, "This is where I first saw a 100 feet tall flagpole. Even though there are thousands of flags, the DMK flag that flies brightly has a special feature. The DMK flag was formed in the blood of the artist, whom we consider a close relationship. When I spoke about the DMK flag in a conference, I had opposition and support. minister Anbil Mahesh Poiyamozhi's speech in the assembly without keeping any note in hand confirmed that the future DMK has got a good leader.

DMK as a whole will have a special place for you. He wished you to have a country of your own. It was Trichy that led the entire DMK. Trichy, which is the center of tamil Nadu, should be the capital city. Charity is the lifeblood of the party. If it had come to other parties like the test that came to DMK, those parties would have perished and disappeared. DMK workers are the guardian deities of the party. There were more times when he was out than when he was in DMK rule. Although there are various states in India, the DMK is the only party that has passed a resolution against the Emergency. He said that if the current DMK leader creates the future leadership, I will carry that leader on my shoulders.

School education minister Anbil Mahesh Boiyamozhi, east assembly Member Inigo Udararaj, former assembly Member KN Sekaran, Trichy Member of parliament and Municipal Corporation Secretary Madhivanan, Trichy Deputy Mayor divya and district union city administrators participated in large numbers.

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