Did Bhim Manjhi’s attack on CM’s statement in Parliament??

Reportedly the war of words continues between cm nitish kumar and Hum convener Jitan ram Manjhi. Jitan Ram

Manjhi has once again attacked the language of cm Nitish Kumar. Jitan ram Manjhi has targeted Nitish Kumar

by tweeting on Nitish Kumar’s address regarding minister Ratnesh sada during Bhim Sansad. He wrote on

Monday that Abusive nitish kumar ji, every abuse and insult of yours will get a befitting reply.

Take care of the dignity of the post of minister

Jitan ram Manjhi wrote that Nitish ji, although you have been addressing the Dalits with harsh and dirty

language, but at least you take care of the dignity of the post of minister. When he abused me, Ratnesh ji stood

in favor of the CM. See the result of taking sides. Abuser nitish kumar ji, there will be a befitting reply to your

every abuse and insult.

Bhim Manjhi’s attack on CM’s statement in Parliament

Let us tell you that Bhim Sansad was organized by JDU on sunday in the capital Patna. cm nitish kumar also

attended this program. While addressing the meeting, he pointed towards minister Ratnesh sada and said, Tora

hum mantri na banaye hain, janbe nahi karte hain baitho. At the same time, Jitan ram Manjhi has strongly

attacked cm nitish kumar on this issue. At the same time, a few days ago, cm nitish kumar got angry at Jitan

Ram Manjhi during the discussion in the House. He had come on a rampage in the house regarding Jitan Ram

Manjhi. Due to this, nitish kumar had come under target of opposition parties including BJP.

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