Women voters outnumbered voting by men in both Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan

Reportedly the congress has promised Rs 30,000 a year for women in telangana, Rs 18,000 for women in madhya pradesh, Rs 15,000 in chhattisgarh and only Rs 10,000 in Rajasthan. In the bjp camp, Rs 15,000 a year is being presently given to women in madhya pradesh and chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has promised to take it to Rs 36,000 a year ultimately if the party returns to power. The bjp has also promised Rs 12,000 a year to women in chhattisgarh if it comes to power in the state. But intriguingly, the bjp has not promised any monetary allowance for women in rajasthan and telangana if it comes to power in these states on december 3.

 Reports spoke to leaders in both the bjp and the congress, and they explained the decision is based on the extent of the allowance on the per-capita income of a particular state, the fiscal deficit that exists in that state and also the chances either parties see of winning the state.

For example, a senior bjp leader told that they were sure of winning rajasthan, but not so hopeful of winning telangana, so it has not offered any monetary allowance for the women in either of the two states. “We have offered a lump-sum money for the girl child in Rajasthan. madhya pradesh is a very close fight, so both sides are wooing the women voters. Our promise under ‘CM Ladli Behana Yojana’ is almost double of what the congress is offering,” the bjp leader explained.

Telangana has seen the biggest monetary offer so far for women with the congress promising Rs 30,000 a year which is even higher than the Rs 24,000 a year being given to women in karnataka by the Congress. In Himachal Pradesh, which saw elections earlier this year, the congress has started paying Rs 18,000 a year to women as per its poll promise.

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