BJP leader held both parties equally responsible for 'destroying' Telangana?!

Asserting that the bjp will free telangana from the clutches of BRS, prime minister Narendra Modi on monday said it is his party’s resolve to send the corrupt leaders of the chandrasekhar Rao led party to jail. Modi, who addressed election rallies at mahabubabad and karimnagar, said, “The saffron party considers as its responsibility to bring telangana out of the clutches of BRS… whatever the scams kcr (K chandrasekhar Rao) was involved in here” would be probed by the bjp government (if elected). He warned that those who betrayed Telangana’s poor and youth will not be spared by the bjp government.

“Our resolve is to send the corrupt of BRS to jail.” Noting that he had the opportunity to interact with many people during three days of campaign in the state, the PM said telangana people have already resolved to oust the government of KCR. Lashing out at the congress and BRS, the veteran bjp leader held both parties equally responsible for ‘destroying’ Telangana. “The people of telangana cannot allow another disease after getting rid of one. I have seen this in telangana everywhere,” he said. Telangana’s trust is in the bjp and the people of the state have decided that the next cm of telangana will be from bjp, Modi said.

Invoking former PM P v narasimha Rao, he said the soil of karimnagar has given a PM to the country in the form of Rao and alleged that the “shahi parivar (royal family) of congress did not like it and insulted him at every step”. “Not just that, even after the demise of Rao Saab, the ‘shahi parivar’ of congress did not let go of any opportunity to insult narasimha Rao ji.” The ‘parivarvadi’ (dynasts) only think of their children and have no concern “for your children,” he told the crowd. Pointing out that ‘parivarvadi’ parties ‘destroy’ law and order, the senior bjp leader said as long as congress was in power, news of bomb blasts was reported often.

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