CM Nitish inaugurated model hospital in Banka...

Bihar chief minister nitish kumar reached Banka on wednesday under the proposed program. Due to the

arrival of cm, the police system in the district appeared tight. A large number of police officers were

deployed at every nook and corner of the city. cm nitish kumar inaugurated the newly constructed model

hospital in the Sadar Hospital premises at a cost of crores of rupees. At the same time, during the inspection,

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Basgeet pamphlets were distributed to landless families.

After inaugurating the newly constructed Model Hospital, cm nitish kumar reached RMK Ground, where

during the program organized, Basgeet pamphlets were distributed among 600 landless families. Apart from

this, the jamabandi of 500 acres of land has been canceled by the district administration recently. Regarding

this, cm Nitish released the Cooperative Land Mission resolution book. After this, cm Nitish inspected

Indore Stadium and various stalls set up by Jeevika Didi.

Thousands of people had gathered

Thousands of people had gathered at the RMK grounds to hear and see the CM. people were standing and

waiting for hours to get a glimpse of the Chief Minister. nitish kumar said in his address that Banka is the

first district in Bihar, where government land is being freed from encroachment and the landless are being

settled by giving them certificates, similarly it will be implemented in all the districts.

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