Telangana - Uncertainty looms large after Congress Screening Committee meeting

Following the lengthy meeting of the congress party's Screening Committee in New delhi, where the Committee failed to choose candidates for a number of crucial constituencies, uncertainty is looming big among leaders and cadre. In addition, ticket applicants who are camped out in New delhi have spoken clearly with the top leadership. They have actually issued a warning to the party's leaders, saying that if tickets were distributed to other leaders, particularly those affiliated with other parties, the party would forfeit its deposits in certain areas.
After the two-day meeting, the Committee reportedly decided on the candidatures of several senior leaders, including tpcc president A revanth reddy, Bhongir mp Komatireddy venkat Reddy, nalgonda mp Uttam Kumar reddy, CLP leader Bhatti Vikramarka, and MPs from Bhongir and Bhongir. However, the Committee reportedly did not address contentious ticket issues in several constituencies.
For instance, local leaders from the constituency have voiced opposition to the intentions of former mp Madhu Yaskhi Goud, who is vying for a ticket from LB Nagar. According to reports, ticket contenders M Ranga reddy, Daripally Rajashekhar reddy, and others have asked that Goud not be awarded the ticket and have even threatened to quit the party if he is.
Additionally, Goud was the target of posters that said "parachute" leaders shouldn't be handed tickets at gandhi bhavan and a few other locations in the LB nagar constituency. The jubilee hills constituency is the same. Former indian cricket captain Mohd. Azharuddin is eager to run for office from the seat and has already gained the support of several local politicians, while P Vishnuvardhan reddy, the son of former CLP leader P Janardhan reddy, is also hoping to get a ticket. Similar circumstances existed in a few seats in the former cities of Khammam, nalgonda, and Greater Hyderabad.
There is uncertainty among the leaders as to whether former mla Veeresham would be fielded from Tungaturthy or Nakrekal now that he is ready to join the Congress. The Palair constituency is also up for election, and former mp Ponguleti srinivas reddy and former minister Tummala nageswara rao are competing. With little time left before the elections and the Screening Committee failing to resolve these concerns, the local leaders and cadre became agitated and threatened the party high leadership with terrible repercussions if it did not take their appeals into consideration.

Former ministers like Ponnala Laxmaiah and Ramreddy Damodar reddy data-faced fierce competition from other ticket hopefuls, who pointed to their chances of success. patel Ramesh reddy is requesting a ticket in Suryapet because the party leadership made a commitment during the previous elections. Similar to this, K Pratap reddy is also calling for a ticket in Jangaon, citing Ponnala's string of losses.

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