Telangana - Where are the Roads ?

While the State administration brags about implementing all-around development and building the greatest roads even in remote regions, the actual situation is very different. The 25 villages' connecting roads in mulugu district are in such terrible shape that using them is quite difficult. The roads to all 25 villages, including Venkatapur, Nallagunta Lakshmidevipeta, Narayanapur, and Peddapur, have gotten worse from the district centre. 

The leaders built a dirt road and spoke about the growth of the settlements. Observe our hardships. How much pain there is. Ask a peasant, "It is what they are looking after us with. The connecting roads to 25 villages are in such a deplorable condition that traveling on these paths is a great challenge.

The Bhadradri-Kothagudem district of telangana lacks access to roads, therefore locals were compelled to transport a pregnant lady to the closest hospital on foot in a "doli" (improvised stretcher). When the lady started having birth pains, the men in her family and other locals started travelling on foot to the closest primary health clinic while carrying the woman on a "doli." In the video, some guys can be seen traversing rocky terrain while carrying the "doli" on their shoulders. They can also be found navigating places with water.

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