Telangana striving to utilise every drop of water, says Mahabubabad Collector

District collector K Shashanka stated that the State government was making every effort to use the water by refurbishing tanks, building projects and lifting irrigation schemes for the benefit of the farming sector under the visionary leadership of chief minister K Chandrashekhar Rao.
Speaking at the "Irrigation Water Day" event, which was held as part of the telangana state centenary celebrations on wednesday at the Narsimhulupet mandal centre in the district, he noted that the kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project has kept water in more than half of the 180 ponds and tanks in the constituency this summer.

"Farmers are happy to grow two crops in this upland area now," he remarked, applauding the Irrigation Department personnel for their dedicated work. 43 check dams have been built in the area spanning three rivers, the Paleru, Akeru, and Munneru, according to Dornakal mla DS Redya Naik. He said that under the BRS norm, 21 check dams had been built of them in just six years. He claimed that since fish aquaculture allowed for the production of fish up to five kilogrammes, even the fishermen were content.
Irrigation, SE According to Sudarshan, the Nagarjunasagar project in the district previously supplied water to 5 lakh acres, while the SRSP currently supplies water to more than 9 lakh acres. He stated that 1.80 lakh acres are being farmed under the DBM 48 canal, while one lakh acres are being farmed under the DBM 60 canal. "Two other projects are now under construction in the district. He stated, "The first is the Sita Rama project, and the second is the Devadula project.

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