A Tragic Demise: Telugu NRI’s Heartbreaking Loss

The telugu Association of Jacksonville Area (TAJA) is profoundly grieved to announce Venkata Rajesh Kumar Potti, commonly known as Rajesh Potti, passed away in a tragic incident close to Mickler's beach in Jacksonville, Florida. At the age of 44, Rajesh, a kind and modest man, suddenly passed away on July 1st, 2023.
Rajesh and his family were having a great time at Mickler's beach when the tragedy happened. Rajesh showed tremendous bravery and selflessness while watching his kids play in the ocean when he saw his 12-year-old son suffering in the strong rip-current waves. He raced to his son's help without thinking, ultimately giving his own life in the process. The son of Rajesh was quickly taken to the Wolfson Children's Hospital, where he is still struggling for his life in the intensive care unit.
Rajesh was not only a devoted father to his two children but also a loving husband. His unexpected death has left his family, who depended only on him for support, in a situation of deep sorrow and financial difficulty. Rajesh, who hails from Addanki, Andhra Pradesh, India, set out for the united states on october 1 in search of the American dream. On May 23, 2023, his family most recently joined him in this location.
In response to this tragic loss, TAJA has started a fundraising effort to offer assistance during this trying time. The money received will help to finish the repatriation procedure, pay for Rajesh's family's immediate financial needs as well as burial and medical costs. TAJA respectfully asks everyone to step forward and show their support for the grieving family while keeping Rajesh in their prayers.
The TAJA community and well-wishers are invited to donate to this campaign in order to show Rajesh's family their sincere support. The goal of this campaign is to use every dollar raised to lessen the financial strain on Rajesh's family members during this difficult time. Let's get together as a neighbourhood and support Rajesh's family during this difficult time. Together, we can pay tribute to the memory of a brave man who gave his life to ensure the safety of his loved ones.

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