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Sindujaa D N
Important judgement by the US Commission...
This programme streamlines the procedures for examining green card applications and encourages quick decisions. In the united states, the Chancellor's Advisory Commission has voted to introduce a policy. The demand is to make permanent residency in the united states simpler for Asian Americans, huawei natives, and Pacific Islanders. With US President Joe Biden's acceptance of the plan, people who have been waiting a long time for permanent US citizenship are likely to see positive outcomes shortly.
Ajay Jain Puteria, an American community leader of indian descent, proposed the project at a PACAANHPI meeting in Washington, DC, USA. His plan was immediately approved by all 25 commissioners. It has also recommended to the U.S. Department of Citizenship and Immigration services to implement this program on behalf of the Commission and simplify the procedures for reviewing green card applications and make hasty decisions.

Application Review:
The Commission is urged to review all the procedures related to green card application, DACA renewals and other green card applications within six months and to publish legal results for the application within six months of application. In addition, the Commission has recommended a 100 per cent increase in the number of officers conducting green card application interviews from august 2022. "Following this, green card visa interviews, including the visa review period, must be completed within a maximum of six months," the commission said.

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