Victoria, Australia, has issued a COVID-19 warning for the first time in two months.

A 30-year-old man tested positive for the virus after returning from india in mid-April and completing the two-week required hotel quarantine in south Australia. The recent Victorian event has reignited calls for the federal government to get more involved in hotel quarantine. Despite the fact that australia has effectively eradicated the virus due to data-border closures, victoria has had the highest number of coronavirus infections and deaths and has spent most of 2020 under lockdown.
"There is certainly a feeling of complacency creeping in," said Brett Sutton, Victoria's Chief health Officer. No other cases have been recorded in victoria or New south wales (NSW), Australia's most populous state, which tightened its virus-protection laws last week after a couple tested positive without a known source.
According to Sutton, the man contracted the virus in Victoria, not india, and there are no specific plans to increase social distancing or mask-wearing laws. It was likely that the man contracted the virus in New south wales, but it was also possible that the virus had spread to south Australia.
In march of last year, australia closed its doors to all but locals and permanent residents, and overseas visitors, with the exception of new zealand, could spend two weeks in hotel quarantine at their own expense.

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