Viral Details About The Rave Party Shocking All

S Venkateshwari
Rave parties are commonly referred to as dance events that have merged with a youth-oriented culture and include drugs and alcohol. They are more discreet than any other party. However, when we look at the most recent raid by Bengaluru police, there appears to be a broader and deeper message.
It was widely reported that cops raided a rave party in Bengaluru. There are multiple films of men and women coming out of the farmhouse, hiding their data-faces. Bengaluru police also said that telugu actress Hema, among many others, attended the rave party. Hema denied her presence, and the police gave contradicting accounts. Putting that narrative aside, many people on the internet are shocked by the so-called' events at a 'Rave Party'.
The first stunning revelation is that the admittance price for this high-profile rave party is believed to be a staggering fifty lakh rupees. One wonders why it would cost so much per person if it was only for drugs and booze.

According to a few popular posts on social media, these rave events are more like s3x parties with drugs and drink, with no boundaries after a certain point. The celebration 'Sunset to Sunrise Victory' is said to be intended to last all night with exactly 100 people, including the women. While the rumored specifics look 'exaggerated' with more 'fantasy' elements, many on the internet are questioning whether it is true.

Meanwhile, another actress, Aashi Roy, admits she was there for a birthday celebration but knows nothing about the alleged rave party. When questioned by the media, Aashi Roy denies seeing hema at the party, admitting they are only acquaintances. According to Aashi Roy, the police gathered samples from everyone, and no one was detained during the raid.

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