Neha Kakkar stepped out in the scorching sun with this unique gadget!!


Neha Kakkar stepped out in the scorching sun with this unique gadget worth only ₹ 194, knowing its specialty

Neha Kakkar: The heat wave continues in India. people are finding various ways to deal with this scorching heat. bollywood singer neha kakkar has also found a new way. Let's know about it.

Portable Fan: Nowadays, there is severe heat in many states of India. people are finding it difficult to live due to the heat. From delhi to mumbai and from kolkata to Rajasthan, the temperature is reaching 40 to 55 degrees. In such a situation, people of these states are making strong arrangements for AC, cooler fans, etc. in their homes, so that they can deal with the summer season, but the condition of people who go out of the house for work is still bad. 

Neha Kakkar found a new solution

Now we cannot go out with AC-cooler. In such a situation, people are finding their own Jugaad (solutions) and are facing the heat. In this sequence, Bollywood's famous singer neha kakkar has also found a new and unique Jugaad. A new video of neha kakkar is becoming very viral on social media, in which she is roaming around with a strange gadget in her hand to deal with the heat. In the video, it can be seen that Neha is pressing this gadget in front of her data-face and air is being blown on her data-face. We have attached Neha Kakkar's video to this article. You first watch this video and after that, we will tell you about this product.

Name and price of this gadget

When we investigated this product, we found on amazon that the name of this unique thing is Hand press fruit Fan Toy. It is a small pocket fan for outdoor use. You can also call it a portable summer fan. It is also used as a toy for children. It is a small stick, on the upper part of which a fruit design is madeand a small fan with small petals is madein it. There is a pump-like thing at the bottom of this gadget, whichwhen pressedstarts rotating the petals. The price of this portable pocket fan on amazon starts from just Rs. 194. However, this pocket portable fan can prove to be a very useful gadget for people who go out daily in this scorching heat.

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