Why did Divya Agarwal suddenly remove the wedding photos?


'The post was deleted in 5 hours', why did divya agarwal suddenly remove the wedding photos, the real reason came to light

Divya Agarwal News: Divya Agarwal is in the news regarding her personal life. Recently she deleted her wedding photos, after which she came into the limelight.

Divya Agarwal News: Actress divya agarwal married businessman Apoorva Padgaonkar a few months ago. She kept this wedding very simple. Her wedding photos went viral on social media. divya shared a glimpse of her wedding with fans. However, recently the actress removed her wedding photos from Instagram. After this rumors started coming about her divorce and rift in marriage. However, divya has denied these reports. divya says that she is very happy in her marriage. Regarding deleting the photos, divya said that she did not just delete the wedding photos. She deleted a total of 2500 posts.

Post deleted in 5 hours

Now Divya Agarwal while talking to Hindustan Times said, 'I am a person who loves cleanliness and I have OCD issues. I was looking at my profile from a third person's point of view and I felt that everything is a mix of friends, family, brand shoots, andweddings. I deleted 2500 posts one by one. It took me 5 hours. I also removed my middle name, which was a combination of my father and mother's name. Now it is just divya agarwal, the way people want to see me.'

She further said, 'In the end, I felt very good. Now I can only look at my work. It is good for people working in the entertainment industry to display their work. It was a professional call. I have also stopped my PR because now I only want to work on the craft. I want people to see me as actor divya Agarwal.'

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